Monday, 7 November 2011

OOTD - Topshop Boots

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I  haven't posted for such a long time, moved to a new place, starting my first job, so it's been quite hectic. Hopefully I will be able to post more often, I've been taking a lot of pictures but haven't had time to write/upload.

After seeing these shoes from meganisobel's video on YouTube, I just had to get them, love the zip detail on both side, I have worn these so many times since I got them! They are a bit pricy at £75, but they are very comfortable, the heel is the perfect height, and make me feel really good when wearing these.

Okay, another angle...

And a late summer / fall OOTD - the boots in action! This was taken two weeks ago, it's freezing cold now, but two weeks ago it wasn't too bad, however it was very windy and the skirt caused a bit of a problem.

Blouse: Miss Selfridge - about 4 months old now, but similar styles easily avaliable
Blazer: Zara - about £30, very good quality and I was really surprised that it was only £30
Skirt: Miss selfridge as well... got it online about a month ago, £20ish
Topshop Boots - £75 Ambush boots- ahh just seen that they have a brown version... looks really good
Bag: £100 something, Massimo Dutti, which actually belongs to the company that owns Zara, I love this bag and I think the quality is on par with designer bags. This brand has really good quality pieces, and the price are not completely scary, so really starting to like this brand more.

 Oh and something really exciting for me, I finally got the side cross necklace, that was first seen on lollipop26, I always wanted it and finally got it, it was only around £25. (sorry, it's about 2am here in England, and I really can't remember the place I bought it from, but so many people on YouTube/Blog world have talked about this, I'm sure you can find it) I absolute love it!!!

And finally, the amazing Lola's cupcake... just look at how beautiful/sparkly it is!! It tastes great too!! (got them at Selfridges, London - quite pricy though, but ok to treat myself once in a while) :)

Have a happy happy week everyone!!!