Tuesday, 26 October 2010

First post! Project Ten Pan

This is my first post and I am very excited. I have been really enjoying reading other people’s blogs and also watching make up gurus on YouTube, I have learnt so much and also found these very useful, especially when I am considering buying a product or looking at tutorials to see how other people use the products I have got.  So, I feel that maybe my opinions on certain products would be useful for other people as well, and that’s why I decided to start this blog.
There is also another reason… I have been trying to start Project Ten Pan (P10P), which originally was started by lollipop26 (she is such an amazing blogger and YouTube guru that really inspires me a lot!). Anyway, P10P is basically, you need to use up ten products before buying any new makeup products. It’s a great way to use and enjoy the products you own and also save a bit (or a lot) of money. I wanted to do this ever since I’ve heard about it, but I kept failing… So I am writing it down that I am starting this project, it’s official now. It’ll be really tough, but I will try my best!
Okay, some rules first:
·         Only Cosmetics products count – some people included shower gels and face wash and things, I normally use these up quite quickly, so I wouldn’t be including these. And also I don’t have a problem with buying too much shampoo or shower gels, it’s makeup that I’m buying too much.
·         I can have a little haul from a holiday collection (MAC, or Nars or …, but just one collection, and limited to two products)
·         Normally people list the ten products they want to use up, but I don’t think I’ll do that, since I want to use all the makeup I have, not just ten products, and I want to be able to wear different looks, so limiting to ten products and using the same thing every single day takes the fun out of makeup. Therefore, this will take a long time to do, but I feel it’s worthwhile and it will really identify my absolute HG and favourite items.
·         Start date: 22-08-10 I will take this as my start date, since that is when I told myself I will start. But as mentioned before, I have made some purchases, they will be listed below. I wanted to use my original start date, since if I keep changing the start date, that doesn’t really show how long it took me to use up the products and also I can’t change the start date every time I buy something, that kind of defeats the purpose of the whole project.
Anyway, here are my ‘cheat’ purchases: (hopefully no more from now on, except a xmas purchase)
19-09-10 - x Shiseido Eyeshadow Trio – Snow (Fall 2010 collection)
This is a really nice trio, the colour in the middle looks grey, but when applied, it’s a really gorgeous navy silvery blue, it really surprised me. I really like this trio, and Shiseido shadows are really good quality and I think they are definitely underrated.

Shiseido Automatic Fine Liner- my first and only liquid liner and I really like it, haven’t used it too much yet though.
26-09-10 - x Urban Decay Naked palette – A must have, I bought this when I was on holiday, I think it was before it came out in the UK, so I was so excited and had to get it. I do think this lives up the hype, it’s sooo great, and I have been using it pretty much all the time since I got it. LOVE LOVE LOVE
M.A.C Viva Glam Gaga lipstick – got this on holiday too, I didn’t like it much when I just got it to be honest, but I have just started to love it about two days ago. I feel that applying little is better than more, so I just apply a sheer layer and use a clear lipgloss over it, then it’s a very nice wearable pink.
07-10-10 - x Nars Pleasures of Paris palette + (Nars Nico) – I gave my Nars Nico to my mum so I had to get one for myself, but I did pick up NARS Pleasures of Paris palette as well, which I probably shouldn’t have. But I do love this palette, I have used it a lot and I just love NARS, it’s like my favourite makeup brand, every time I use NARS, I feel really sophisticated for some reason… Also got a free NARS Orgasm nail varnish with purchase, don’t know if this polish yet, still  need more experiment I think.
15-10-10 - x Clinique Cream Eye Shaper – Chocolate Luster – basically an eyeliner, I don’t know why they used eye shaper, anyway, I do really like this, I have a lot of eyeliners, and only got this because it was Clinique bonus time, and I only needed one skincare item, so got this to get the free gift… I always fall for advertising or offers. Anyway, I am glad I picked this up, it’s really nice, creamy, stays all day long, and have the right amount of glitter/sheen to it. Totally wearable and I have been using it every day for like a week and a half now.
If you want me to do any reviews or swatches, please let me know. Any comments are welcome; it’ll make me really happy. Thank you!!

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  1. Good luck with your p10p! My items lasted me 2.5 months which I consider short cos I had 15 products that I could finish. The buffer helped me alot, kept my expectations realistic. Thanks for visiting my blog, btw :)