Friday, 5 November 2010

NARS Holiday Collection, Project Ten Pan and a little confession

It's a horrible rainy Friday night here, so I thought I do a short post.

I said in my first blog post about Project ten pan, that I will buy something from one Christmas/Holiday collection. Initially I thought I'll want to get something from MAC, but I decided not to buy anything from their A Tartan Tale collection after seeing the products in store. Also I think reading reviews from made me realise that there's not many products that are must haves from that collection.

After a lot of looking at reviews, pictures, checking out products, I decided to get something from NARS, instead of MAC, Chanel, Dior, etc... I don't know what it is about NARS, but it's just so unique and everytime I buy/use NARS products, it makes me feel modern, sophisticated and different.

Anyway, I placed my order yesterday, I have got the Melusine Eyeshadow Duo from the holiday collection, along with a Mini Multiples gift set. I will post swatches, reviews and maybe an EOTD once I receive the products.

Now, a little confession, that is not all the things I got from NARS, last week, I also placed an order, and I thought that was going to be my order for Christmas, but then I saw a really good review for Melusine and just couldn't resist. This is really not good, my P10P is a bit of a failure, but I will stick to it and I will keep going, and I think I have got a good way to control my spending and obsession.

Last night, after I placed the NARS order, I felt really bad, failing at P10P again, and spending so much money in a short period of time. So I decided I'll add up the money I've spent on makeup, I didn't add the prices of all my makeup, but just the ones I purchased from the summer till now, and I can tell you, it's SCARY!!! It really is, I was so shocked, and I don't own anything designer, and I always thought designer bags are too expensive and all that, but the money I've spend on makeup since this summer, could actually cover a nice designer bag, if not more. This really is a wake up call for me, and from now on, everytime if i'm tempted to buy anything, i'll look at my notebook, look at the calculations, and control myself!

I  hope this is a helpful tip for you guys as well, if you want to control your spending, this is quite effective, let me know how much you've spent on makeup recently.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Yup! I definitely agree that the number on my list is quite scary as well! be fair though, I've never added it up but if I did, I'd give myself a heart attack. I'm trying to cut back on buying cosmetics too but it's so hard! :(

  2. @Tammy

    I know... I'm completely failing at this project ten pan... I haven't really had time to update my blog, but my next post will be how i'm completely failing. it's too hard, especially all the pretty xmas stuff and so many offers as well...

  3. I don't dare calculate the amount of $ I have spent on makeup alone. I think I could probably buy myself a really nice Hermes... a collector's Hermes would be really nice!