Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Recent Purchases - Nars

Okay, title probably quite misleading, these have been purchased in the past 5 months I'd say, this is the first of a series of recent purchases posts, starting with my favorite brand Nars.

I have to say, I think I go crazy at times, and it's really scary putting all these products together into one post, as I thought I was doing pretty well with not buying too much makeup...
But anyway, I thought I'll share the joy and show you the products I've purchased! 

Starting with these Larger than Life Long-Wear Eyeliners - AMAZING! I love these so much, got the brown one first and fell completely in love, so had to get more. They are very long wearing, smduge proof (couldn't get the swatches off my hand), very creamy, easy to glide on, beautiful shimmer and pigmentation... the list goes on - all one could want from an eyeliner I'd say. And I never thought about using green eyeliner, but this sort of olive-y green looks beautiful with brown eyes!

Colours are Abbey Road (blue with shimmer), St. Marks Place (purple), Via Appia (brown with shimmer), Rue de Rivoli (olive green with green and gold shimmer)
I would say I love the brown one the most, but I love them all!!!

Also purchased the Nars Night Series Palette - wanting to try the Night series singles for ages, and this palette was perfect for me, haven't had a chance to use it much though... however I would say that you don't really need this palette, as the 3 dark colours looks pretty much the same on the lids.
Also duos Habenera & Sugarland - both I've been wanting for ages, will talk about these more in the future

And Angelika & Laguna duo - have to say I'm not in love with Laguna yet, I do use it everyday, but not too sure about it.

And lip products - Turkish Delight, Chihuahua & lipstick Honolulu Honey (got the last two today, so not too sure yet, Turkish Delight I really like, and of course, I got it with Mac Angel lipstick... the whole Kim K thing finally caught on me)

And finally a lip swatch of Chihuahua, really like it so far!

Hope you have enjoyed this, and next one in the series will probably be Mac, or Laura Mercier, and I'll leave Chanel till around Christmas

Wow.... can't believe I've bought so much... feel quite guilty now, I'll work hard till year end and try not to buy any more..

Hope you're all doing well, and stay warm, it's sooooo cold in the UK at the moment!



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