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Spring Lip & Cheek Colour - YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

YSL baby doll Kiss & Blush, No.2 Rose Frivole 

It has been such a long time since the last post, however, what a better way to start things again on adsyMakeup other than talking about the amazing, truly exciting new YSL product - YSL baby doll Kiss & Blush!

There's been some hype around this product, especially given these have been available in the US for a while already, however for us in the UK, these will launch in stores on Wednesday (30th April, 2 more days! Not been counting down, honest...). I first discovered these on Mallory1712's YouTube channel, link here for her amazing review and swatches for 4 of the colours, after watching her video, I was determined that I need these in my life (her videos are amazing by the way, and in particular the tutorials are really really good!). And after some quick googling, I was pleasantly surprised that for us in the UK, these are available on YSL's official website, and even better that they offer free delivery as well as two free samples!

Anyway, back to the product, below the description from YSL's website:

"KISS YOUR CHEEKS, BLUSH YOUR LIPS Yves Saint Laurent introduces a double play of colour for lips and cheeks. A hybrid between a lip colour and a blush, this innovative air-whipped formula allows for an instant application on both lips and cheeks. With a luminous matte finish, colour is easily buildable from a soft and natural look to a more intense sophisticated look. The patented "hidden pearl" applicator is customised to glide perfectly on the lips and to allow the optimal amount of formula to be dotted on the cheeks. A range of 12 playful shades to complement each cheeky side of the YSL Baby Doll woman.
  • APPLICATION TIPS: Use one shade and dot the formula on the lips and cheeks with the applicator. Blend with your fingertips for a softer makeup result. For a more intense finish, apply a second layer by using the pearl applicator to fully spread the formula on the lips. To be more playful and daring, mix and match two shades on lips and cheeks and vice versa."
Don't think I'll be able to describe the product any better than the actual website (hence the quote), but basically, it's a lip and cheek multi-use product - similar concept to the many other ones we've seen before, e.g. NARS multiples, Bobbi Brown pot rouge, Benefit's lip & cheep tints (although a liquid formula), and of course the classic "use lipstick as blush, when in a rush" method. But before you think that this is just another one of those lip and cheek products that only works for lips or cheeks, definitely give it a try when it launches in store - because these are absolutely Amazing (with a capital A)! Quick swatch of No.2 Rose Frivole below:

"Innovative air-whipped formula": the formula is certainly very special and has a very silky finish when applied to the lips, gives a satin finish initially but dries down to a very silky smooth matte finish. Although a matte finish, it is not drying and doesn't accentuate the bit of dryness on my lips, it's a beautiful muted bright pink colour (if this makes sense, it's a bring pink, but very everyday/ wearable), overall it is a great lip product. What makes this product even more special is just how well this works on the cheeks, just 2-3 dots and blend with a brush (MAC 109 or one of the Sigma Kabuki brushes), no shimmer, just a beautiful natural colour with a subtle sheen. It is also buildable, both as a lip colour and as a blush, seriously, just so nice and especially if you're someone that hates choosing the right blush to wear with a certain lipstick, this makes life so much easier and personally I really like the matching lip and cheek look (although there's obviously the mix and match option as well once you collect more colours, as shown in the promotion ads)

With regards to No.2 Rose Frivole, I initially thought it would be a pink with some peachy undertones, but it's actually a true pink, very similar to the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet (below) in No.42 L'Eclatante which came out in the Chanel spring collection last year (believe this is still available). The Chanel colour is a very bright and vibrant pink, and YSL Rose Frivole is a slightly muted version. Also the YSL formulation is a 'luminous matte', which makes the colour more wearable than the Chanel (I do love L'Eclatante for a more dramatic look) and more appropriate for everyday at work / school / etc. On the cheeks, Rose Frivole gives a very natural flush and I think it's a nice alternative to all the coral / peachy colours we tend to wear for spring.

And finally, just a family picture of the package, with two samples (perfume and YSL Youth Liberator serum), high recommend checking out / purchasing from YSL's official website (links above) - quick and free delivery, good samples and great that we can get these products before they hit the shops! I will definitely be trying more colours in store after Wednesday (esp. No.3 Rose Libre, No.12 Moca Garconne). And finally finally, below the product in action (on cheeks and lips, natural sunlight):

Happy Sunday and have a great week everyone! 

Separately, I have opened another blog, which is more of a photo blog (very little text) comprising mainly travel, home / interior photos. And I plan to also add some fashion photos as well as pictures of nice food / restaurants, just anything nice - as the name of the blog suggests: '@treasure - treasures that we treasure', link here:

It would be great if you could check it out, and as always, comments and suggestions are more than welcome! 


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