Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Swatches - LIBERTE & AVENTURE

More swatches of the Rouge coco shines from the sample I got.

This is Liberte, it's a peachy coral colour with fine shimmer. The four Rouge coco shines in the sample set all contain shimmer, but it's very fine and you can hardly notice them. It does give a nice shiny finish. 

The above is Aventure, it's a very nice pink colour with a golden shimmer. On my lips, it looks like a very cool toned pink for some reason, but I do really love this colour, I think it's my favourite of the four.

I tried swatching Monte-Carlo, it's a very pretty red with pink undertones, but I couldn't get it looking right in photos, it always shows up very light. I will try again soon.

With the four colours I've tried, I think these Rouge coco shines are very very sheer. You can build up the colour, but one or two coats looks very sheer. I think it's great as a everyday lip stick/balm, but not great if you like pigmented lipsticks or wanting a dramatic lip look.

Each colour provides a different tone for my lips, but they do look very similar, because they're so sheer I think. The colours are not that unique, but the formula is very nice, very hydrating and I think it's a nice lipstick to own for daytime use.

As for which one I'll purchase, still haven't made my mind up yet... :) 


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