Wednesday, 30 March 2011

NOTD- BarryM Grey & Nars Orgasm Nail polishes

A quick NOTD, actually, it's more of a NOTW (nail of the week), I paint my nails every weeks and I will try to post these more often in the future.

As the title suggests, I have BarryM nail polish in Grey and topped with Nars Orgasm nail polish. I used Nails Inc Base and top coats as well.

I got a mini bottle of Nars Orgasm nail polish as a GWP, and ever since I got it, I've been trying to make it work. It's such a beautiful colour in the bottle but just didn't flatter when on my nails. I have lots and lots of nail polishes but for some reason, I've just been really wanting to use this mini bottle of Nars. After many failed attempts trying to wear it on its own, I've tried it layered over other polishes, and failed many times as well. So the other day, I suddenly saw this BarryM polish, which doesn't work for my nails either, and thought why don't I try these two together. And this is the finished result.

More pictures with flash:

I'm still not sure how I feel about this combination, all I can say is I think it's very unique, haven't seen anything quite like this. Since I'm at home at the moment and not doing much, it doesn't really matter if my nails are not nice. I do kind of like it, I don't know.

Let me know what you think!!

Oh and please excuse the terrible paint job...


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